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Dry Heat Method Explanation Food examples
Toasting Cooking uncovered in hot air either in a spit, (ton door) in an oven or in a thick heavy pan with occasional basting. Good quality meats, chicken, vegetables like potato, sweet potato, and bread.
Baking Cooking in hot air in a closen oven. Bread, cakes, biscuits, fish, vegetables like, potato, stuffed tomato mushrooms.
Grilling/Boiling Cooking radiant or direct heat under a grill or over a hot fire. Good quality meat, steaks, chops, fish, liver, kidney, chicken, vegetable like tomato mushrooms.
Deep fat Frying Cooking food in heated oil or fat. Frying food in a large amount of fat in a deep pan. Poories, kachories, Koftas, cutlets, pakoras, samosas, gujiya, mathri, wadas, chips, fish.
Shallow fat Frying It is done in just enough fat to prevent sticking. Eggs, pancakes.
Sautéing Frying and tossing food in a small amount of hot fat in a frying pan with rounded sides. Vegetables like cabbage, beans, carrots, beans, onions, sprouts.
Moist Heat Method
Direct Done in ordinary steamer or by putting food in a metal sieve over a pan of boiling water and keeping it covered. Cabbage, fish, peas, beans, carrots.
Indirect Steamed by having the food in a covered dish placed in steam or over boiling water. Steamed, puddings and custards.
Pressure Cooking A form of steaming in which water is boiled under high pressure, thus raising the temperature and reducing the cooking time. All types of foods.
Stewing Cooking in a covered pan using only a small quantity of liquid which is kept simmering. Cheap cuts of meat old fowls, tough, or under ripe, fruits and vegetables.
Combination Method Braising A combined method of roasting and stewing. Various meats and vegetables.

Cooking Equipment


Опрацюйте нові слова.

Слово Переклад
 1  cutting board  кухонна дошка
 2  set of knives  набір ножів
 3  (frying) pan  сковорода
 4  grill  гриль
 5  pot  кастрюля
 6  lid  кришка
 7  (kitchen) timer  годинник
 8  food processor  кухонний комбайн
 9  wooden spoon  дерев’яна ложка
 10  saucepan  кастрюля
 11  ladle  черпак
 12  mixing bowl  миска
 13  grater  терка
 14  vegetable peeler  овочевий ніж
 15  bottle opener  відкривачка для пляшок
 16  can opener  консервний ніж
 17  (meat) thermometer  термометр для м’яса
 18  strainer  сито
 19  (hand) mixer  міксер
 20  whisk вінчик
 21  cookie sheet  трафарет для випікання печива
 22  rolling pin  скалка для розкатування тіста
 23  measuring cups  вимірювальні чашки
 24  measuring spoons  вимірювальні ложки
 25  casserole (dish)  форма для запікання
 26  (vegetable) steamer  пароварка
 27  colander  друшляк
 28  wok  казанок
 29  pie pan форма для випікання пирога
 30  cake pan форма для випікання тістечка
 31  spatula


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